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Empowering the leadership team - welcome Stephanie Borgert

Stephanie Borgert, Chief Solutions Officer

Zagreb, 07.09.2023. – Croatian tech startup qohubs announced the strengthening of the leadership team with internationally recognized complexity researcher and renowned author of numerous business bestsellers - Stephanie Borgert. Stephanie Borgert assumed the role of Chief Solutions Officer (CSO) on September 1, 2023, and in the future, will be in charge of providing creative solutions, new products, and services to clients in the challenging sphere of organizational changes and as part of the Board of Directors, her task is also, development and growth of the company in a dynamic and complex environment.

Born in 1969 in Germany, Borgert studied computer science with a focus on mechanical engineering, making her way in that field as one of the few women. She started a successful career in IT as a consultant in international sales, quickly took on leading roles and complex projects, and, in 2007, became an entrepreneur. This complexity researcher and author constantly questions how to organize work and collaboration in a way that suits the world we have created - turbulent, connected, and complex. She sees organizations as systems, and her motto is: "Something is always happening". So far, she has published seven books, and "Uncomplicated!" (Unkompliziert!) was a business bestseller in 2018. She also writes as a business columnist for the Frankfurter Rundschau and is a frequent keynote speaker at various events.

"I am excited to join qohubs in this role. I firmly believe in the solutions we offer and in the qohubs team. Together with them, I will ensure that we exceed the needs of our users. At qohubs, we bridge the gap between technology and organizational development, and we are unique in that!" - concludes Borgert.

"Stephanie Borgert brings together three very significant dimensions of experience in her person - work in the real sector, many years of research work, and advising board members of leading companies from the German stock market, which is a great benefit for our clients, as well as for qohubs and our entire team. We look forward to everything that lies ahead," continued Dijana Vetturelli, CEO of this tech leader in organizational change.


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