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The book for effective organizational change
by Stephanie Borgert

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"More foundation & less makeup.
More conversation & less chatter.
More added value & less communication theater.


Thinking together, changing efficaciously

Organizational Discourse as the Key to Change

by Stephanie Borgert

Continuous adaptation is a necessity so that companies can operate sustainably. This includes finding and retaining the right talent, creating value efficiently and digitizing processes. But… that costs money, takes a long time, and many employees have long since become “tired of change”. This is the typical change story that is told in many organizations. We can keep it that way, and everything will stay as it is. Or… we ask ourselves the following questions:

• What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

• What if change was possible quickly and company-wide?

• What if employees were happy to help shape changes?

Learning organizations have an answer to this: organizational discourse as a tool for effective change. Participatory. Complexity-appropriate. People-friendly. They know the strength of joint reflection on evaluation patterns, the need for irritation, and the power of shared meaning-making.


In her new book, our co-partner, Stephanie, sheds light on the organizational discourse in detail. It lays the foundation for understanding organizations as complex systems and thus using complementary and sometimes new explanatory models in order to exert influence. Organizational discourse is a multi-disciplinary tool influenced by various disciplines: systems theories, philosophy, organizational psychology, etc. At the same time, it becomes very concrete because the heart of every change is the debate between people in an organization. The practical discourse is presented intensively and invited to be implemented.

What you can expect in this book:

  • The 8 principles for organizational discourse

  • The philosophical and learning theory foundations

  • The for what (not)

  • The process of organizational discourse as an “enabler” for change

  • The RIDA loop (Reflect, Irritate, Declare, Agree) as a didactic basis for the practical discourses

  • Prerequisites, effects and opponents


This book is written for people who tell a “different” story about change. That of participation, design, working on the system and philanthropy.

Meet The Author:

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