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We're on a mission to make the world of work a meaningful place.

Small-group discourse has tremendous power.

Our mission is to change existing organizational learning and development approaches and humanize them.

Because humans need social interaction to sparkle their unique ability to learn, grow, and solve new challenges for themselves, their companies, and their societies. With qohubs, all that potential can be accessed and directed to make the world and the "world of work" better. 


qohubs Shapers

We believe our role is to accelerate and shape this path by making the organizational discourse possible. For anyone, everywhere, through a digitalized space.

The name


At the qohubs platform, "90" and "hub" play a significant role.

The smallest learning unit lasts 90 minutes. During those

90 minutes, the group leads a conversation stimulated by various interactions. The group session becomes a center of activity - or a hub.

The letter "s" added to "hub" symbolizes the unlimited number of groups that can participate simultaneously at the platform => qohubs.

And above mentioned, "q" was used as a numeral symbol "90" in the system of Greek numerals. 

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Untitled design-8.png
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Discover the power of qohubs

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