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The cloud based platform is designed as a digital space that employs thinking tools for gaining new insights, common understanding and critical thinking in group discourse. Prepare to be surprised.

With the Right Technology, Great Things Can Happen

How it works

The Change Ingredients

of the selforganized small group discourse platform:

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Small group power

Ideally, a group consists of five participants. Four to six participants will work fine as well. :-)

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Small groups of participants meet five times for a 90-minute online session every 7 to 14 days. 


Five 90-minute online sessions form a "cycle". Every session is content-rich and fun!


Predefined or custom-made - all topics are fundamental for a better collaboration & value creation. 


No set up required. All you need is a computer with camera and microphone, and your regular video platform (Zoom, Teams, Webex..).

qohubs is available in seven languages:

English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Croatian.


Everything you need
to unleash the potential
of your teams and organization

Cycles consist of five sessions and cover different topics.

Have a look at a selection of a few predefined cycles:

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Organizational Agility

Understand complexity, and prepare your teams and organization to become resilient

and adaptive.

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Enable your teams with shared understanding and empower a culture of collaboration and initiative.

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Diversity & Inclusion​

The cycle helps your teams shift perspective to build a better workplace where everyone feels they belong.

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Creativity & Innovation

Are you seeking to drive innovation? Get insights into enabling your teams to spark creativity and transform ideas into innovations.

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Change fast & wisely

Unfolding the misconceptions on communication, in order to use it properly for enabling desired change.

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Wellbeing at work​

This cycle reveals to your employees how to improve employee wellbeing in your workplace.


Proven concepts of learning & change

The group conversation at qohubs takes place in a psychologically safe space, making reflection based on observations, discovering new insights, and conceptual changes possible. It is an efficient and effective way of change & transformation based on a few decade-old concepts such as learning circles, social learning, selforganized learning environments, and discourse learning. 

Business Packages

designed to fit your company's needs.

Smart investment & sustainable.
No travel costs for group sessions.
No time wasted for travel.


Would you like to start right away with our predefined content? Then this is your right choice. In this package, you get:


  • Onboarding assistance

  • Internal Communication Support

  • Access to qohubs content

  • Supervision (on request)

  • Simple administration 

  • Technical Support 24/5 (email and phone) 

Who is it for?

Corporations, Public Institutions & NGOs


Do you have your content and want to create the sessions on your own and offer them to your learners flatly? We can provide:


  • Onboarding assistance

  • Instructional Design Certification 

  • qohubs Coordinator Certification

  • White-label

  • Simple administration

  • Technical Support 24/7 (email and phone) 

Who is it for?

Educational Institutions, Corporations, Public Institutions & NGOs

Need More Help Choosing the Right Plan for You?

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