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Mastering complexity: Uncomplicated!

A special qohubs cycle designed by the complexity researcher Stephanie Borgert

The bestselling workbook* "Uncomplicated!" can now be effortlessly applied to your team's actual work situation.

In this specially designed qohubs cycle, consisting of five 90-minute sessions, you are reflecting on, practicing, and getting a common understanding of your specific organizational context for meaningful work and better decision-making in complexity.

And as a learning support,

there is a book to go with it.

Complex thinking and acting in Agile companies

In companies, many things are being questioned. This applies to organizational structures as well as to leadership. Lots of approaches and models have become popular or are already disappearing. The search for purpose is just as much on everyone's lips as agility, lean, Spotify, or distributed leadership.

This arouses curiosity, ideas, and needs, which just as often threaten to shatter the lived reality between "old" and "new." Unfortunately, transformation (i.e., organizational development) and "introducing a method" are confused at this point. And there still needs to be a greater understanding of organizations as social systems.

Observe, discuss and gain a common understanding

The learning cycle, "Uncomplicated!", illuminates the necessary basics and brings relevant topics and aspects into your communication.

Our promise

1. Less superficial symptom treatment, more effective problem solving 2. Less fast, undifferentiated communication, more understanding and trust-based collaboration 3. Less reaction to "whatever happens," more complexity-oriented design 4. Less hasty evaluations, more intensive observation

What it's about

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