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The Croatian Paralympic Committee and qohubs are driving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

21st of July 2022 - The Croatian Paralympic Committee and the group learning platform provider qohubs, teamed up to drive social change and awareness in the Workplace. In the next two years, they will work together on offerings for companies showcasing missed opportunities, making better Workplaces, and in the end, better societies.

Around 15% of the population lives with a disability, making them the biggest minority in the world. Yet, when discussing diversity and inclusion measures in the Workplace, the fact is being neglected.

Businesses have long been drivers of social change. Even though huge progress has been made in the last years towards diversity and inclusion, only 4% of companies consider disability in their initiatives*. So the question arises, how to make a change.

On one side, as employees, people with disability can ease talent shortages and add to the organizational diversity that drives better decision-making and innovation. On the other, there is a huge opportunity in the unserved market. As consumers, they represent much more than 15% of the disposable income. Considering their family members and sentiments, which brands can awake, it is considerable market potential. Yet, when considering and innovating new products and services, the unique needs of people with disabilities are rarely considered.

Changing the perspective and building a shared common understanding on this issue is crucial for designing an equal organization and society, which is why the Croatian Paralympic Committee and qohubs teamed up.

"People are often unaware of the tremendous creativity of people with disabilities. E.g., when we talk about paralympic athletes, in their minds, there isn't "I can't do this! "it is a question of how to overcome some hurdles and focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Imagine what can such an attitude bring added value for any company, " said the Croatian Paralympic Committee president Ratko Kovačić.

"Admiration is often a word I hear when it comes to paralympic athletes. When talking to athletes, what they want is to be seen as a person, as an athlete, as employee, and this is a shift in thinking which we can now in this partnership reach – fast and scalable – and provoke fundamental changes in organizations around the globe", added Dijana Vetturelli, the CEO of qohubs.

The new product will be available from September 2022.

*report from the Return on Disability Group


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