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Meet the Team: Petra Habdelic, Communication Coordinator

Petra Habdelic, Communication Coordinator

Petra is a Words Wizard, yet the subtle art of transferring the power, creativity, and innovation she sees in qohubs into stories is still challenging. Find out why.

1. Becoming a part of qohubs team was a challenge for you. In what way?

qohubs is destined for great things worldwide, and I am excited to be a part of something this big and innovative. As a person who is used to green blackboards and books that rustle as you turn the pages, the EdTech sector is a whole new area for me, but full of perspectives and challenges. What I love the most and what makes me happy is the opportunity to create something new, the waves of Change.

2. The most challenging part was transforming something completely new into words?

Orson Scott Card once said: “Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.”

The subtle art of transferring all that power, creativity, and innovation I see in qohubs into stories is still the most challenging part for me. The way you say something and the way you say it can make a big difference. Using the right words can change someone’s mood and experience—that ́s why this communication part of qohubs journey is an extraordinary experience for me.

3. What did you learn from this?

A lot! Being a part of qohubs team means we grow together every day. But the most important thing I realized is that we must never be afraid of Change. When you learn alone, you are limited by your own learning habits, but when you learn in a team – you learn from a group experience.

4. Do you look at the conversation, words, and talking - differently now?

My communicational background has a strong foundation in the media industry, specifically radio and television, which have been my home for ten years. Despite working in various PR and digital agencies, I still tend to look at the world of communications through the mesh of a microphone or the lens of a camera. But, experiencing qohubs made me realize that honest and unpretentious conversation that goes both ways is way more powerful.

5. How does, in your opinion, qohubs encourage Change? Words have enormous power!

For example, if, before meeting a colleague for the first time, someone tells you that he or she is friendly, then you will likely view that person as friendly. Even a tiny change in wording and expression can make a big difference to the outcome, and qohubs teaches us that.

1. It involves people and solves problems using the power of conversation

2. It inspires people to grow, share and communicate the right way

3. Changes are made quickly and are scalable

6. Fun fact about you?

I love football, and as a child, I was a goalkeeper. Today, my guilty pleasure regarding football is to watch matches with a Slovenian commentator. Sorry not sorry, “prekršek” (a foul) is the best term ever! 😊


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