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Meet the Team: Goran Antonovic, CIO

Goran Antonovic, Chief Information Officer

Our CIO is a multifaceted entrepreneur, and in his interview, he reveals his motivation to join the qohubs team and his way of solving uncertainty-related obstacles.

1. You started your entrepreneurship journey shortly after your studies. How come you chose this path instead of finding a job at a corporation?

It so happened that I graduated college and started looking for a job at the start of “the Great Recession 2008-13”. Employment was in rapid decline, and job opportunities were scarce. The only logical solution (for me) at the time was to create a job for myself. With great help from my family, a lot of work, and a lot of mistakes at the beginning, which later turned into a valuable experience, I managed to create a job for myself. Since then, I am trying to keep the job and create more jobs for others who want to join me.

2. You are involved in various entrepreneurial branches - from sports to healthcare. Edtech is an entirely different one, so what was the reason for joining this endeavor?

It is always wise to diversify. Everybody knows that but what is even more valuable is the new experience and knowledge you can gather from different branches and the people you work with. The biggest reason for joining qohubs was the people and the opportunity to work with them and learn from them. When I heard the idea, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. There was no doubt in my mind that the people involved could create something great and unique.

3. What was your biggest challenge when it came to qohubs?

The initial idea was presented to me in 2020., during the pandemic, at a time of big uncertainty. I knew that a big part of my time and resources would have to be directed to this new project. I had a big responsibility for my team, which helped me build my previous project, and this was a leap of faith from our side. As I mentioned before, I believed in the people involved, which made the decision much easier. I knew together, we can solve any problem and obstacle ahead of us.

4. Start-up can be a slow process, but it can also be rewarding when your business

grows and becomes successful. What is your biggest drive when starting new things

and/or businesses?

Starting a new thing or learning a new skill in life is always exciting. I can compare it to learning how to drive a car. When you sit in a big “machine” for the first time, everything is new, exciting, and scary. You must learn how to operate it and what rules you need to follow.

With a start-up, you first need to build the “machine,” so the process is even more complex and intimate. Often you need a group of talented people to overcome all the problems and have the patience to build the “machine” one small part at a time. Because of that, the process of creating a Start-up creates that same mix of new, exciting and scary that pushes you to go forward.

5. There is no stagnation in entrepreneurship. We all know that. How do you ensure a sustainable business?

Hard work and knowing the market. Sitting still and waiting for the perfect opportunity is the same as playing the lottery – it can happen, but it is extremely unlikely. Being proactive and looking for solutions rather than contemplating problems increases your chances of success. Adapt to the market, don’t wait for the market to adapt to you. Trying something, even if it fails, is one step forward, so if you keep trying, you will eventually get further away from the problem and sometimes find a solution at

unexpected places.

6. Fun fact about you

I don’t like pancakes and chocolate or overly sweet food in general. I am not sure if it is a fun fact, but it is undoubtedly fun for people around me who eat my deserts. 😊


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