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Intro Session:
Thinking together, changing efficaciously

3rd of July 2024, English
4th of July 2024, German


"Imagine it's Change, and everyone is joining in."


Do you think that's pure utopia? Not at all; it's not even witchcraft. 

What's needed is well-designed didactics, effective infrastructure, and a clear, stringent process.


In learning organizations, people call this instrument for fast and company-wide change an organizational discourse.






What the approach is about in detail, what organizational discourse has to do with our thought patterns, and why change does not happen without irritation - that's what you talk about with other people in this session. Discover the power of organizational discourse as the key to change in theory and practice!


What's in for you in this two-hour event?

•    A short introduction to organizational discourse and the qohubs platform

•    90-minute qohubs session: Thinking together, effective change (in small groups)

•    Reflection on your experiences and insights

Your host: Stephanie Borgert


Who is the Intro Session for?

For anyone who is looking for a participative approach to organizational change and wants to experience the qohubs effect. Regardless of whether you are initiating, supporting, or shaping change processes, these two hours may change your thinking.

Date and Time: 

English - Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2024 from 3.00 - 5.00 PM CET

German - Thursday, the 4th of July from 9.00 - 11.00 AM CET

Video Platform: Zoom

Applications are open until:

English -  Tuesday, the 4th of July 2024

German - Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2024

Reserve your spot here 

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