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qohubs and German IT company metafinanz Informationssysteme launch a cooperation

Dijana Vetturelli, Lisa-Marie Kofahl & Stephanie Borgert

Zagreb, 15.02.2023. – At today's mini-conference on the topic of organizational culture at ZICER, the Zagreb Innovation Center, the collaboration of the Croatian startup qohubs with the German company metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH and the complexity researcher and author Stephanie Borgert was presented, as well as "Culture Triple", the first joint product that enables rapid organizational changes through the topics: failure culture, conflict and feedback.

metafinanz Informationssysteme, an IT and business consulting company with more than 800 employees, has been in the top of the best German employers for many years. Their success during all market challenges and employee satisfaction results from an agile organizational design based on 74 of fully autonomous teams. Seeing that the focus on decentralized teams brings numerous benefits but also untapped potential, in cooperation with Stephanie Borgert, author, and researcher of complexity, they jointly designed a unique program called "Culture Triple".

Stephanie Borgert recalls the beginnings of developing the „Culture Triple“ with metafinanz: "As we were asking ourselves how we can adress relevant topics for the organization and

bring them into communication, we decided to go for a self-organized way for small groups

to learn together. Social learning is key to enable change and transformation no matter what

size or industry a company is in."

With the appearance of the qohubs platform for making fast and sustainable changes, the opportunity to implement the "Culture Triple" program has opened up, regardless of whether employees work from the office or cultivate a hybrid work model while taking care of sustainability.

Dijana Vetturelli, CEO of qohubs, addressed the topic of sustainability: „In big companies, traveling for educational purposes can take up to 60% of the employee learning & development budget. It's difficult to tell how much fuel is expended in traveling, but it's evident that the resulting CO2 emissions are significant. And this is only one side of the story - we should consider the time spent traveling as well - it means less time for value creation, resting, and spending time with family and friends. I am glad that metafinanz recognized these and other benefits of the qohubs platform, and I am excited that together we can influence the creation of a better working environment and society in general."

Lisa-Marie Kofahl, Senior business designer at metafinanz shared her satisfaction with the cooperation with qohubs: "We believe a conversational approach to culture work is a very powerful one. As a result, we were looking for a format that enables honest team discussions and challenges beliefs on

how we want to work together. When first trying the platform, we wanted to continue right

away. The qohubs platform provides exactly what we were looking for. The platform ́s intuitive design and the user-centric interface makes it easy for everyone to get involved, leading to more meaningful and memorable exchange. The self-guided setup provides increased flexibility and puts the focus on individually relevant topics. The included time-boxing feature is just genius for dynamics and pacing.

It is the right fit with our ways of working: self-organized & self-guided, in small groups, location-independent, and resource-saving. We strive for effective discourse skills development that can be applied in any new context, like a project, a new team, or a changing world. This approach to a sustainable learning culture, we share with qohubs. A perfect asset for anyone looking for a format to incorporate effective cultural discourse in organizations."

It is important to note that "Culture Triple" is available to organizations around the world from today, in as many as seven languages, and all those interested have the opportunity to experience the power of the program at specially designed Experience sessions starting on February 28, 2023. More information available here: Culture Triple Experience Sessions. qo


About metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

metafinanz, a company with more than 800 employees, has been at the top of the list of the best employers in Germany for many years. It stands out for the radical changes it introduced in 2017. The previous departments have turned into 74 autonomous, self-organized teams. Today, work is managed in a decentralized manner, plans and budgets are redundant, and leadership is continuously being redefined. Their agile structures are focused on teams and give each employee enough space for autonomous work and personal development. metafinanz successfully combines these advantages with a fresh start-up mentality.

About Stephanie Borgert

Stephanie, complexity researcher and author constantly questions how to organize work and collaboration in a way that fits the world we have created - turbulent, connected and complex. She sees organizations as systems, and her motto is: Something is always happening. So far, she has published seven books on the subject. Her book "Uncomplicated!" was a business bestseller in 2018.

About qohubs

qohubs is a Croatian startup and a platform of the same name for encouraging rapid and sustainable organizational changes. This social innovation is based on the appreciation of people as social beings who need social interaction to foster their ability to learn, grow and solve new challenges for themselves, their companies and society.


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