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Start Change 
with your next qonversation.

Meet qohubs, the digital solution that makes organizational change fast.  


Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability



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The Change enabler

qohubs makes it possible to establish common thinking and ensure effective, deep discourses as a basis for change processes.

Without moderation. Self-organized.


What to expect?

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Stronger relationships

qohubs is creating human connections in meaningful work related discourse.

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Common understanding

With shared understanding a team is more effective, resilient and creative.

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Fast and
scalable Change

Making change fast. Works with 5 or 5.000 groups - all at the same time!

Experiences and impressions

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"Apart from a significant change in the team’s dynamics, we quickly gained new insights into how we could perceive and approach things differently. We better understood diverse perspectives, and experienced enhanced connection.

Nataša Kapetanović,

CEO, GRAWE Croatia

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