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Meet qohubs, the learning platform for selforganized small-group learning and find out how to provoke organizational change. Fast and Scalable.

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The small group learning platform

Instead of learning alone, in isolation, qohubs makes it possible

to learn in small groups, without coaches or teachers.



The platform is designed to sparkle the human ability

to learn, grow and solve new challenges for themselves,

their companies, and their societies. 


What to expect?

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Stronger relationships

qohubs is creating human connections in meaningful work related discourse.

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Common understanding

With shared understanding a team is more effective, resilient and creative.

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Fast and
scalable Change

Making change fast. Works with 5 or 5.000 groups - all at the same time!

Voices on qohubs

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"Apart from a significant change in the team’s dynamics, we quickly gained new insights into how we could perceive and approach things differently. We better understood diverse perspectives, and experienced enhanced connection.

Nataša Kapetanović,

CEO, GRAWE Croatia


The name

At the qohubs platform, "90" and "hub" play a significant role.

The smallest learning unit lasts 90 minutes. During those

90 minutes, the group leads a conversation stimulated by various interactions. The group session becomes a center of activity - or a hub.

The letter "s" added to "hub" symbolizes the unlimited number of groups that can participate simultaneously at the platform => qohubs.

And above mentioned, "q" was used as a numeral symbol "90" in the system of Greek numerals. 

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